Whole House Water Treatment Equipment:

We have a full line of water treatment products to address all city and well water supplies!

Whole house systems available: Water Softener, Iron systems, Acid Neutralizers, Ultra violet light (eliminate bacteria) Chlorine removal, Sulfur odor, sediment. We believe in offering you what works best for your home & your budget! When you schedule your water test, we will do a full analysis on your water and also select the best water treatment line that suits your needs!

Pristine Water carries top of the line water treatment equipment that includes a lifetime warranty on the entire unit! Including electrical! No one surpasses this warranty in the industry!


Pristine Water Whole House Units

Pristine Water Conditioners

  • Lifetime transferable warranty on ALL components
  • 100% Made in the USA, Customized operating valve this greatly reduces salt & water consumption.
  • Requires 50% less salt! Includes audible "add salt" alarm
  • XR-3000 Resin gives highest quality finished water possible
  • High flow rate capacity of 21GPM- means no pressure fluctuations!
  • Hold up to 300 pounds of salt! Fill your unit less often!
BTR Water Softener System


Pristine 3 in 1 Water Softener/Chlorine Remover all in 1 unit! Perfect for City Water Supplies!

Same features & benefits as the Pristine Water Conditioner, with an added benefit of removing chlorine from your water! This is full protection from the 2 biggest concerns in city water, eliminated in one unit for the entire home!" This is an excellent unit for a city water supply because it eliminates all the major concerns of city water, in one whole house unit!

Acid Neutralizers & Iron Filters

Iron Filter Acid Neutralizer
Entek Dual Tank System

Pristine Whole House Filters

Drinking Water Systems

UF (Ultra Filtration) drinking water system

Leaves minerals intact! No more stripping your water of its minerals! Filters down to .02 microns! Will remove bacteria, chlorine, bad tastes & odors! No more bottled water worries! This unit was designed with you in mind! Now you can have a professionally installed drinking water system right at your kitchen sink and no more paying for service calls to change the filter! You can change it yourself! We will contact you when it's time and mail the filter directly to you! Very affordable and ensures you are getting the purest water possible for you and your family. Lifetime Warranty!

No More Bottled water

If you are looking for a cost effective & hassle free way to eliminate bottle water, and know you are drinking the purest water, we have the solution! The UF is the new wave of water treatment! Produces extremely high quality water, while leaving the minerals intact! The hollow fiber membrane will filter down to .02 micron! Removing organic chemicals, bacteria and many other nasty things you do not want to ingest! See products tab for more information on this awesome system!

Water Treatment Products

Just a few reasons to stop buying bottled water!

Plastic bottles, BPA Chemical, Takes up space, waiting for delivery, more plastic in Landfills and it is not regulated by the EPA and it is not sanitary! - The delivery man must handle your bottled water by the neck of the bottle. This is where your water is dispensed from. Think there may be something on his hands you wouldn't want your water to touch, and then you drink?

Safeway Reverse Osmosis Water System
Safeway Reverse Osmosis System Package

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Pristine Water carries the latest Reverse Osmosis systems that can provide alkaline water. Call or email us today for more information and estimate on reverse osmosis installation.

We install new systems and repair existing systems throughout Northern VA, Washington DC, Southern Maryland, PG & Montgomery County.